What is CTRL-F and How Can It Be Used for Teaching? Tips & Tricks

CTRL-F is a research education tool designed to help kids think about checking facts in literacy. CTRL-F comes from Canadian organization CIVIX, which is built around strengthening democracy by using education.  The idea is to educate young learning minds in the art of thinking about what they’re being told. Rather than taking something at face value, they will learn to question and research facts.

CTRL-F offers four main lessons that progress in order, building as it goes.  Follow-up exercises as well as pre-assessment options are available to allow students to do more. As mentioned, there is also plenty in the example bank that allows students and teachers to search by skill, subject, and difficulty.

  • Skills include: Investigate the Source, Evaluate Expertise, Check the Claim, and Trace the Information.
  • Subjects covered are: Pop Culture, Science, Climate Change, General, Covid 19, Politics/Current Events, History, and AI. Skills levels are Simple or Challenging.