The Explorer’s Guide to Biology

The mission of The Explorer’s Guide to Biology (XBio) is to create a free learning resource that emphasizes the wonders of life and the problem-solving nature of science.

Many students approach biology with initial excitement but leave their course discouraged after memorizing a sea of facts. The wonder of science and the thrill of discovery are not being communicated. XBio’s audacious goal is to rethink biology education by offering students a more exciting and accurate window into the life sciences. In addition, we want to offer students a great learning experience for free, recognizing the financial burden imposed by textbook costs. Our ambition is to have students love life, science, and learning as much as we do.

XBio’s primary audience is undergraduate students and their educators (see Our Content for more information on subjects covered, resources and our personalized learning platform). Advanced high school biology students can benefit from XBio’s content as well. We also encourage any curious individual to explore biology with us.

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