10 Nonfiction Text Features To Teach Your K-5 Students

Nonfiction reading is both powerful and essential for students of all ages. It’s also been historically underrepresented in elementary classrooms, according to research reviewed by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). It is clear that incorporating nonfiction reading is important, but there are so many unique components that make it difficult for students to effectively access it. The NCTE suggests teachers “model how to navigate and enjoy nonfiction” and create opportunities for kids to “explore how nonfiction texts work.”

K-5 students love learning with nonfiction text features, and it’s important they know what they are and how they help. This orientation helps students begin to unlock the genre and can help set them up for future success. Plus, while practicing navigating nonfiction, they’ll be building essential background knowledge to help their reading across all areas.