New Year Resolutions 2023

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!

How many of you got Christmas cards? I must admit that I get fewer Christmas cards each year. But there are still a few families and friends that send Christmas cards with a letter or picture to highlight the events from their year. I treasure those because it brings back fond memories and a reminder that life goes on. So, another year has passed, and a new year begins.

Do you make New Year Resolutions? Personally, I do not make New Year Resolutions. Instead, I make a list of goals that I would like to accomplish for the new year. Some would say that is the same thing. Do you write your goals down? The most popular resolution is to lose weight. How long does that last? I have tried that goal every year with no success. However, a couple of years ago, I did lose weight for health reasons.  I never thought about it being a New Year Resolution, but I did complete a goal!!

As we return to work and school this new year, we get back into the bustle of everyday life. Do you think about goals that you would like to achieve at school or in your classroom? It doesn’t have to be huge. It could be just one thing that would help you to be more productive and less stressed as a teacher, inside and outside the classroom. Here are a few examples that I have done over the years.

  • Spend more time with your children, families, and friends.
  • If you can, do not take your work home.
  • Put down your phone. Decrease your screen time.
  • Read more for fun and for professional knowledge.
  • Enjoy nature. Take a walk outside whenever you can.
  • Keep a journal. Write down your goals, positive quotes, reflective thoughts, etc.
  • Learn one new technology skill. Check out these resources:

K12 Internet Resource Center continues to grow. As of today, the center catalogs 3400 resources and 230 lesson plan websites. I research the Internet every day to find those rich resources that teachers can have at their fingertips. I do the work for you and provide the links through  For example, we have entered the winter season, so Winter Activities and Lessons has been added to our homepage. I also have added some new resources in Classroom Management and Digital Storytelling.

I look forward to working on the K12 Internet Resource Center in 2023. It is my goal to continue making this website a valuable resource for K12 educators.

Again, I wish you and your families a joyful, healthy, and safe Happy New Year.