Theatre & Drama

Drama departments at most secondary schools typically are staffed by a small number in contrast to other school subjects, so the opportunity for peer collaboration is more limited. Gathering resources from other venues can be invigorating and illustrate a way to integrate the performing arts with other subjects. Opportunities will expand in this new area. The Performing Arts also make a good addition to a digital portfolio.

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Children's opera: Little Red Riding Hood

Here's an introduction to opera for young children -- the story of Little Red Riding Hood in 10 minutes. Check with your lour local opera company for programs…  learn more

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Youth Theater Performs "We're All in This Together" via Zoom

You may not be in the same room right now, but your students can still perform together. Here's an example of a dance number from High School Musical…  learn more

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Didaskalia offers background information and photos of the use of ancient Greek and Roman theater.  learn more

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Dramatists Play Service

For information about obtaining performance rights consult Dramatists Play Service. And check out their "PlayFinder", an extensive list of contemporary plays with cast and staging requirements.  learn more

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PBS Great Performances

If you are a fan of PBS' Great Performances, look at their web site for links and background. Excerpts can be heard, too.  learn more

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Educational Theater Association - Teachers

The Educational Theater Association introduces both teachers and students to theater programs on the Web. It is aimed primarily at the secondary level. A monthly magazine and links…  learn more

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Drama Teacher Academy

What's Included in your DTA Membership? Read on to explore the curriculum, resources, professional development opportunities, and community support the DTA provides. Curriculum From full year plans, to stand alone units, to sub…  learn more

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Free Resources for High School and Middle School Theatre Teachers

Theatrefolk is the Drama Teacher Resource Company. We are your one stop shop for Plays, Resources, and Curriculum Support - all specifically designed for High Schools and Middle Schools. We are the…  learn more