Safe Web Search Tools

Here are some options you can use to make searching safer on your school computers.

Most search services will block inappropriate content when using their safe search feature, but their methods are not foolproof.

Be prepared for that conversation when a student stumbles upon or shares inappropriate material.


Safe Search and Cookies

When you change safe search settings, the search site will add a "cookie" to your browser with the new setting. This means you'll need to change the settings…  learn more

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Bing Safe Search

Bing also offers a safe search option. You can implement it using these directions.  learn more

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The Smithsonian Institution

Another safe avenue for allowing students to do their own searches of discovery is to search one of the larger wide ranging content sites, like The Smithsonian Institution.…  learn more

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PBS is another example of a wide-ranging content site that's safe for students to search. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and its predecessor, National Educational Television (NET), have been…  learn more

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Definition of Search Engine

search engine, computer program to find answers to queries in a collection of information, which might be a library catalog or a database but is most commonly the World Wide Web.  learn more

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Similar to KidzSearch, with keyword and site blocking, the site is appropriate and formatted for younger students.  learn more

Search Filter Test Word

Use the word bareback and the phrase castro clone to test how well a safe search filter is working. These are the terms we use when evaluating the…  learn more

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KidzSearch combines Google safe search with a constantly updated list of blocked keywords and site names to provide safe search results for students. When using a site like…  learn more