As Rubistar points out: Rubrics are often used to grade student work but they can serve another, more important, role as well: Rubrics can teach as well as evaluate. By outlining what is expected, your students will be able to better evaluate their own progress and make adjustments as needed.

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RubiStar is a example of the tools available on-line to help teachers create quality rubrics. RubiStar includes a tutorial, numerous examples, and a way of making your rubrics…  learn more

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Rubric to Assess a Rubric

There's even a rubric available to asses your rubrics.  learn more

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Rubrics - an Introduction

Using chocolate chip cookies as an example, this fun video introduces the concept of Rubics for grading. Sorry about the grainy video quality.  learn more

General Scoring Rubric For Open-Ended Questions

Here is an example rubric, in this case a general scoring rubric for open-ended questions... Sort papers first into three stacks: good responses (5 or 6 points), adequate…  learn more

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Assessment and Rubrics

Kathy Schrock has compiles an entire library of rubrics for portfolio and performance task assessments for everything from Common Core State Standards to CCSS Lesson/Unit Review to Student…  learn more

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What is a Rubric?

A rubric is a criterion referenced assessment tool used to score assignments or performances. Work is scored/graded based on how well the finished product lines up with the…  learn more

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As educators, we all know and appreciate the importance of the rubric in providing quality student assessment and feedback. But actually creating a solid rubric that’s clear, aligns…  learn more

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FASTER! Create Rubrics for Google Classroom

Make Google Classroom™ rubrics faster and easier to share with GC Rubric by Alice Keeler. This Add-on allows you to make a custom rubric quickly and add it…  learn more

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How to Export Your Google Classroom Rubrics

If you have created rubrics within Google Classroom, you may want to export your Google Classroom rubrics. Exporting allows you to modify and share the rubrics. To export…  learn more

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TeacherVision: Rubrics

A rubric is a set of scoring guidelines for grading student work. When you give students a new assignment, you can also provide them with the assignment's rubric.…  learn more

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Teacher Planet: Rubrics

Our goal is to provide teachers with resources and tools that will make their teaching jobs a little bit easier! We update the site daily with new Lesson…  learn more

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15 Helpful Scoring Rubric Examples for All Grades and Subjects

When it comes to student assessment and evaluation, there are a lot of methods to consider. In some cases, testing is the best way to assess a student’s…  learn more

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How to Make a Rubric with Multiple Choice Grid in Google Forms

While almost all of us use Google Forms, I think that the Multiple Choice Grid option is one of the lesser-used question types. There are many great reasons…  learn more

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In the ever-evolving world of education, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) tools in classrooms has become increasingly prominent. As an educator, it’s essential to navigate this landscape…  learn more

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Introducing the HyperRubric: A Tool that Takes Learning to the Next Level

On this site, we’ve explored lots of rubric tweaks and iterations that make them more effective, and this post will add more to that work: A different way of developing…  learn more

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A Rubric for Effective Edtech Use

An educational technology professor shares a rubric teachers and administrators can use to decide why and how to use edtech tools to improve student learning. Refer to the…  learn more