PHP For Web Programming

Today, PHP is used by more than 33% of all Internet web sites world wide. It is a robust yet easy to use programming language for students to learn not only web programming, but also OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and other high-level concepts.

In an era of shrinking budgets, PHP has another great attribute. It’s free to download and use!

PHP can be installed and run on pretty much any Windows desktop computer and comes pre-installed on many versions of Linux. An expensive copy of Windows Server is not required. runs on PHP. It’s part of our LAMP server environment (Linux, Apache web server, MariaDB data base, and PHP). WAMP is the Windows version.

PHP originally started out as PHP/FI, “Personal Home Page / Forms Interpreter”, back in 1995.

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A Simple PHP Tutorial

Getting started with PHP is easy. This site details a couple of example programs that could be used in an Introduction to Programming class or module.  learn more

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List of Apache–MySQL–PHP packages

If you are looking for an alternative to WampServer or want to use a different operating system, this up-to-date list can guide you.  learn more

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PHP For The Absolute Beginner

Another good starting point for learning PHP is this entertaining tutorial series written in part by Vikram Vaswani.  learn more

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PHP Home Page

How do I install it on a computer? You can download it directly from the web site and install it yourself, or ...  learn more

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Sublime Text

Editing PHP files can be done with any text editing program, like Windows' built in NotePad editor or one of a number of free, open-source options. Our webmaster…  learn more

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W3Schools PHP Tutorial

W3Schools has a good introduction to PHP, as well as other web technologies like HTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and XML.  learn more

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Go to WampServer where you can download a preconfigured copy of PHP, the Apache web server, and the MySQL data base. Makes setup very easy. This site may…  learn more