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2020 Guide To Teach Students How To Research & Avoid Fake News, Disinformation, And Misinformation

Based on my popular presentation titled "Teaching Students To Become Expert Researchers And Avoid Fake News, Disinformation, and Misinformation" this video will provide you with the resources needed…  learn more

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Defining Mis- and Disinformation

A Toolkit for Teaching and Instilling Critical Thinking Skills. People of all ages, especially many of our students, are bombarded with mis- and disinformation, often lacking the media…  learn more

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Common Sense: News Literacy Lessons to Help Students Understand Election Media

Use these free lesson plans to help students apply media literacy skills in a real-world context. Use these lessons and activities to help students practice seeking nuanced context…  learn more

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Build News Literacy Skills with iCivics

Strong media literacy skills are more essential than ever. Students engage with a plethora of media sources every day; sharpening news literacy skills helps students develop the critical thinking…  learn more

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Citizen Literacy is an online toolkit that promotes the development of key information skills for democratic citizenship and features short videos, handouts, and activities that faculty across all disciplines…  learn more