Mainstream Search Tools

Not all search sites default to their safe search option, or even have one.

Best to check out search sites before using them for homework or in the classroom.

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Baidu is the Chinese equivalent of Google. While the site is in Chinese, it will accept English language search terms and has both text and image searches. See the world as China sees it. Baidu is a Chinese based company, hosting the most popular search engine in China. While the site does not have an…  learn more

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Bing is another popular search engine which many prefer. Try a few and see which one you like.  learn more

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DuckDuckGo does not track or store anything about your searches. They do not profile users and show all users the same search results for a given search term. DuckDuckGo emphasizes getting information from the best sources rather than the most sources, generating its search results from key crowd-sourced sites such as Wikipedia.  learn more

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Google is our webmaster's preferred search web search site. For better results, click on the the gear icon when searching and check the following settings... : SafeSearch : SafeSearch can be turned on or locked on as needed. : Results per page : We set it to 100. Scrolling down to the middle or end…  learn more

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Google Groups

Google groups is a great resource for crowd-sourced answers. No matter what the topic, there's an answer – and group – out there. Want to quickly start a new ad hoc community or find an existing group with your interests? Check out Google Groups. A Google Group can be configured like a mailing list, a…  learn more

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Compute expert-level answers using Wolfram’s breakthrough algorithms, knowledge base, and AI technology Wolfram|Alpha is a fundamentally different way to get knowledge and answers, processing questions rather than matching specific words. Type in "the population of San Francisco" and it returns "873,965 people (country rank: 17th) (2020 estimate)". Also great at handling math problems. Entering "1…  learn more

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Yahoo Search

Back when the Internet was starting, Yahoo was the go-to search web site. Yahoo still maintains an independent web search engine that provides good results.  learn more