Javascript – An Easy Place To Start

There are many programming languages that can be used to create computer applications and intelligent web pages. JavaScript is one of the easiest to access. Your web browser already runs JavaScript and creating programs is as simple as typing in a few commands in Notepad or your computer’s text editor.

JavaScript is used within the browser to create simple and not so simple web pages. When combined with jQuery, JavaScript becomes a powerful programming language that’s being used to drive the new wave of applications available on the Internet. The sites contains simple Javascript examples. Google Maps and Google Docs are examples of extreme JavaScript programming. PYTHON bills itself as the latest and greatest.


While programming websites or apps are beyond the scope of most teachers, your students could be another matter. If blooming Webmasters attend you to school, talk with them about the possibilities; you will be helping them towards employment and they will help you stay on the cutting edge.

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How to use creates an interface in your web browser window where you can easily create, test, and share JavaScript programs. This video by Jason Diamond introduces JSFiddle and some…  learn more

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Intro to JavaScript Programming

This video teaches some basic programming concepts using JavaScript. It introduces programming using RoboBob (worth watching just for that) and goes on to show how you can start…  learn more

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Javascript Tutorial

W3Schools' tutorial starts with a simple Display Date button and goes thru the language step-by-step. The built in Try It Yourself buttons allow you to see and modify…  learn more

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jQuery allows JavaScript to interact with the web browser. Everything from simple menus (like the one on this web site) to complex animations -- jQuery drives a lot…  learn more

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Main Strike Fun Stuff Page

A collection of games, calculators and "cool stuff" created using JavaScript and another programming language Java. A place for ideas or to find challenges for your advanced students,…  learn more

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Google Maps

Google Maps includes satellite zooming in and out as part of its map service. Your younger students will get a kick out of finding their home and school.…  learn more