G Suite for Education

G Suite for Education (formerly called Google Apps for Education) has created a lot of buzz within the education community, and understandably so. Like Microsoft’s Office 365, Google offers G Suite at no charge to the education community.

If you own an Android smartphone, there’s a good chance you’re already using Google to manage your calendar and contact list.

Sometimes the best way to get started is to “just try something”. Maybe a small collaborative project or a sign-up sheet. As the cost is free, you can experiment without a large commitment of time or money. If you run into questions, there is a multitude of help sites, forums, resources & videos on the Internet.


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google docs 101

Josh Stumpenhorst, self described disruptor and 2012 Illinois Teacher of the Year, has put together a getting started video, answering a lot of questions educators may have about…  learn more

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Google Docs in Plain English

Google Docs may not have all the features of other office suits, but does allow easy collaboration & sharing. This easy-to-follow video explains how that works and why…  learn more

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Google for Education

An introduction and links to the software, solutions, training, support, and other resources offered by Google.  learn more

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Teacher Dashboard

There are a number of free and paid educator support add-ons. One that's been highly rated is Hapara for G Suite. It provides an instructional management layer on…  learn more

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Using Google Docs to Grade Student Essays Online

Shares teacher's experiences using Google Docs. An example, "I am having students use Google Documents to write their assignments and then share the document with me. I can…  learn more