Botanical Gardens

These sites display a variety of species with clear and in-depth descriptions. They are climate sensitive so students can witness the variety in its real environment. Comparisons/contrasts can be made easily.

These resources are especially appropriate as an introduction to online research at the secondary level where prescribed content is taught in preparation for college tests. They are easily adaptable for group work.

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Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Many museums and botanical gardens have an on-line section with educational material. Here is an example from the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, which exhibits an extensive collection of plants native to the Sonoran desert. What resources do your nearby botanical gardens provide?  learn more

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Classroom Resource Kits

The Chicago Botanic Garden offers a variety of resource kits for educators to use in the classroom. The kits are free, with a refundable deposit to make sure they are returned. Kit topics include Aquatic Illinois, Illinois Prairies, Wild Mammals, and Illinois Trees.  learn more

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Hawaiian Plants and Tropical Flowers

The Hawaiian Islands have an interesting variety of plant species, with about half being native species and half being introduced species. Under Native Status, check out Canoe Plants. This site features photographs and descriptions of 160 different Hawaiian flower and plant species organized by flower color and other plant characteristics.  learn more

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Missouri Botanical Garden: Educational Resources

Created by Henry Shaw and given as a gift to the city of St. Louis, the Missouri Botanical Garden opened to the public in 1859. It combined horticultural display with education and the search for new knowledge. Today, 158 years after opening, the Missouri Botanical Garden is a National Historic Landmark and a center for…  learn more

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Plant Science On-Site Activity Resources

The United States Botanic Garden (USBG) is a living plant museum that informs visitors about the importance, and often irreplaceable value, of plants to the well-being of humans and to earth's fragile ecosystems. Be a plant investigator! Students on Self-Guided Exploration field trips and families visiting with children can take advantage of the U.S. Botanic Garden’s plant passports, field…  learn more

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The Living Edens

Wish for a paradise or the Garden of Edens? The Living Edens is an inspiring natural history available from PBS, opening magical vistas through the expertise of world-acclaimed natural history filmmakers. State-of-the-art cinematography creates an intimate sense of place and captures a world of wonder, transporting students to isolated, undisturbed corners of the globe. The…  learn more