Everyone has a favorite teacher or remembers a specific teacher fondly. A teacher is defined as “a person who teachers or instructs” (Dictionary.com). A teacher could be a parent, a sibling, a family member, a co-worker, a friend, an educator, a professor, a paraprofessional, a pastor, a rabbi, or a priest. Tuesday, May 2nd, was Teacher Appreciation Day. May 8-12 has been designated as National Teacher Week.

From child development, we know that our parents are our first teachers. Thus begins a lifelong journey of learning from many teachers and life experiences.

At this time of the year, teachers and students are still in the classroom teaching and learning. Many campuses are in the middle of testing or finishing up testing. Teachers are busy planning activities to end the year strong. Students are looking forward to summer break, and it is hard to keep students motivated and focused in the classroom.

Teachers only want to do what they are trained to do…. teach. Education is not the field to go into for fame or fortune. Teachers chose to teach because they love children and want to see them learn, grow, and succeed.

Several students contacted me after I retired and thank me for never giving up on them and for always encouraging them to never quit. I had a bank teller tell me that she got her job because of how I taught my class, not what I taught.

Thank a teacher today. There are a multitude of ways to thank someone. You can send a card, text, or message a teacher. Thank them for caring for our children. Thank them for guiding our children. Thank them for their service to our children and community.

K12IRC teachers are this week’s Spotlight of the Week.

I appreciate all teachers. Keep up the good work!