Looking for fall-themed activities to use in your classroom? Here are three different ready-to-use options you can use as brain breaks, bellringers, or warm-ups with your students during the fall season. Use these as they are, or feel free to modify them as needed! If you ever wondered what the difference is between a brain break, bellringer, and a warm-up, here are the definitions according to ChatGPT:

A “brain break” is a short pause or activity during a lesson or work session that allows individuals to briefly rest and recharge their minds. It’s intended to improve focus, engagement, and productivity.

A “bellringer” is a short activity or task assigned at the beginning of a class or session to engage students and help them transition into the learning environment.

A “warm-up” in school is a short activity or exercise at the beginning of a lesson or class session designed to prepare students for the upcoming learning tasks.