If I was a brand new robotics teacher, I would ask myself, “How in the world do I begin teaching my students robotics?” My best advice to you is to plan a couple of lessons and robotics activities that provide the following:

  1. An activity that gives you time to establish classroom routines
    • What does clean-up look like?
    • Where do robots get stored?
    • How do you handle parts that end up on the floor?
  2. An activity to introduce the Engineering Design Process
  3. A quick and easy project
  4. A short build that allows some freedom in construction

Remember, if you are new to robotics, don’t think you have to jump into the deep end and do it all! Just like driving a car, you learn to brake and drive forward. No one starts out parallel parking! So, let’s check out one of my favorite “getting started with robotics” activities.