The 9/11 Lesson: Celebrating Real-Life Superheroes

Global Game Changers received a three-year AmeriCorps 9/11 Day of Service Federal Grant to develop a unique educational experience and lessons to fulfill our project vision and mission.

Vision: That all elementary students across the country will learn about the significance of the events of 9/11 and the real-life superheroes who responded, and in their honor be inspired to IGNITE GOOD!™ and live a life of service to others themselves.

•Mission: The Mission of GGC’s THE 9/11 LESSON: Celebrating Real Life Superheroes! Project is to develop an educational experience that teaches elementary level children (1) to understand the historical events and impact of September 11, 2001; (2) to honor the sacrifice of those who lost their lives on 9/11, with a special focus on the first responders and military and those who rose in service because of that tragedy; and (3) to engage the youngest of citizens in service and inspire them to be real-life superheroes, like the superheroes of 9/11, by showing empathy and choosing positivity over apathy throughout their lives.