NASA’s 6 Top Tools for Teaching About the James Webb Space Telescope

You don’t have to be a scientist or math whiz to teach about the James Webb Space Telescope, says Denise Davis, NASA’s education specialist.

NASA has a variety of free standards-aligned, educator-vetted resources for teaching about the James Webb Space Telescope that can assist high school science and STEM teachers working with advanced students as well as elementary school teachers who may not have much science background themselves.

“One of the goals that we had in mind when we were creating resources for teachers was to make it easy, to make it unintimidating,” Davis says.

With the help of these resources, the James Webb Space Telescope–and the amazing images it’s collecting–can be the perfect engagement tool for teaching astronomy, science, STEM, and more. scientists, Davis says. Teachers should also read our Teaching About James Webb Space Telescope (opens in new tab)story.