Moving to America

The year is 1909 and your family has made a monumental decision that will change the rest of your life.Can you imagine your future as you set out to leave your home and travel across an ocean?  You have never been more than twenty miles from your home before. You have never seen an ocean or ridden on a ship. What are your fears? Your hopes? Your dreams?  
As you complete this webquest you will begin to understand the obstacles and challenges that our ancestors faced.  Are you brave enough to join them?

When they had amassed enough to leave these tenements, they left immediately and never once looked back!Moving to America covers this same era, late 1800’s-mid 20th century.

The authors have collected a comprehensive list of eyewitness accounts of migration from Europe to Ellis Island in NYC.

It seeks to convey the huge change from the old country to the new which immigrants bore.

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