K-12 Teaching in the Era of AI and Social Media: Lesson Plans and Resources

Welcome to a straightforward strategies-and-resource hub for educators looking to come to grips with teaching with AI (artificial intelligence) in K-12 classrooms and in higher education! This collection is packed with practical teaching with AI resources, easy-to-digest blogs, and hands-on professional development webinars—all aimed at demystifying the world of AI in education and providing real, actionable ways to bring it into your teaching practice.

So, dive into this collection and explore the resources at your own pace. Whether you’re an AI novice or a tech-savvy educator, there’s something here for everyone. Let’s navigate the world of AI in education together, keeping it simple, practical, and always focused on enhancing our teaching and our students’ learning. Welcome to your no-nonsense guide to AI in the K-12 classroom and beyond.