TCEA. TechNotes. We’ve all had those students who are always early finishers. Like, always. Every time. Am I right? And we all know what can happen if they don’t have engaging work to start after they finish their assigned tasks– boredom! Boredom can creep in and manifest itself in a plethora of ways in the classroom. Do we want this? No, thank you! So how do we keep students engaged, thinking, creating, and learning, if they finish early? Today, I will share some resources and ideas for using centers flexibly for extension and enrichment.

What Is the Purpose of Flexible Centers?

The purpose of flexible centers isn’t to introduce new content or to change your designated center times on your class schedule; instead, the goal is to give students flexibility and choice once tasks are completed to practiceextend, and reinforce or to enrichchallenge, and explore. W