TCEA TECHNOTES. Are you an online quiz user? Not the social media quiz kind, but the teacher who uses tools like QuizletKahoot!Quizizz, and others? While quiz questions are often available in various places, they may not be on the platform you want them to be in. How do you get a quiz from Quizlet Flashcards into Kahoot!? Or a quiz from Kahoot! into ClassQuiz? Let’s learn how to convert from one quiz maker to another and how to export and import questions. We’ll walk through the following actions, and you can feel free to jump to any section that will meet your needs.   

  1. Export and Convert from Quizlet
  2. Import Quizlet to Kahoot!
  3. Import Kahoot to ClassQuiz
  4. Import Quizlet/Kahoot! to Quizizz
  5. Import to Quizalize
  6. Bonus Tool: The GetMarked Digitaliser