History of the World: Every Year

The entire history of the World from the rise of civilization to the present day.

There are a number of takeaways from this compelling video…

. While humans had migrated to most regions of the earth, including the Americas, well before 3200 BCE, large scale “organized humanity” covered only a small portion of the planet until relatively recently.

. Many of the major civilizations over the centuries are never mentioned in K-12 history classes.

. Who knew there were so many Caliphates?

. During the Roman Ages, there were only about 200 million people on earth, about the same population as present day Pakistan or Brazil.

. Humans did not reach the 1 billion mark until 1802. A little over 200 years later we’re at 7.6 billion.

. Things change. Sometimes very quickly.

What insights can your class glean from this video?