Girls Know How

What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a question we have all been asked. When I was young, there were many careers I dreamed of, but I couldn’t imagine how to turn those dreams into reality. Girls Know How books and activities introduce kids to a variety of careers, exceptional female role models, and characters who might be just like them. With the support of caring parents and teachers, we help kids realize they can make their career dreams come true!

Each chapter book in the award-winning Girls Know How® series features a girl presented with the everyday challenges often faced by tweens. Through her adventures, readers learn about a particular career, and are introduced to characters based on real-life successful role models. Underlying themes include leadership, teamwork, the rewards of perseverance, and the importance of family and community. Activities to guide readers wishing to learn more about careers are included in the books, with free downloads available on this website for families and teachers.