Doing Hands-On LEGO Education Projects Changed the Way I Teach

Learning through play is making all the difference with my students!

My students race their “Lunar Modules” across our classroom floor. There are cheers as some of them navigate past obstacles successfully and laughter as others crash into “craters” we’ve placed in the way. Afterward, the students hurry back to their groups to problem-solve or decide what challenge they want their creations to tackle next. They’re engaged, collaborating, and most of all, having a great time. This is what playful, hands-on learning looks like in my classroom.

I started using LEGO Education solutions with my students five years ago and, honestly, I’ve never looked back. I love the unique projects and lessons offered by LEGO Education, and my students love using the iconic bricks to create and explore. Here’s a look at five ways I’ve used hands-on learning in my classroom to make STEAM memorable for my students and build their confidence in learning.