CK-12 Interactive Middle School Math 7

This is 7th Grade Math like you’ve never seen it before, with gobs of interactivity included in every lesson. Some lessons include videos, or hands-on activities, but they ALL include interactives  PLIX and Sims). Even the review questions are interactive, with helpful feedback to let you know why your answers are correct or incorrect! Every lesson also has specifically chosen ‘Related Modalities’ that help you learn the same concept in different ways. These Related Modalities may be additional videos, or interactives, or study guides (often written by students themselves). Whatever resources you choose, this is your chance to learn Math 7 your way! The CK-12 Interactive Middle School Math series promotes exploratory learning (Stein 2010). Each lesson contains interactive applets that actively engage students in the learning process and allow them to explore concepts in an open-ended environment (Cocea & Magoulas, 2015; Hoyles, 2018; NCTM, 20115). Inline question sets Socratically guide students to discover connections present in the interactive applets