At Home Middle School

Free online education for middle school students. At Home Middle School pulls together the best free online curriculum, from sites like TedEd, CK-12 and Crash Course, and organizes it into daily lessons. A student is meant to complete a lesson in each subject every day. Each lesson takes between 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

There are 180 lessons for each subject, the same as a school year. The curriculum is not meant to replace at-home or in-class learning, but fill in gaps and reduce the number of hours it takes to prepare daily lesson plans. All curriculum and links posted are secular.

While much of the curriculum aligns with many state core requirements, your state may be more stringent or have different requirements. Make sure you cover the curriculum your state requires.

This site is always free to use. There are no ads or affiliate links. There is no registration, no company sponsors and nothing to buy.