AI in the classroom: What’s cheating? What’s OK?

Now that generative AI tools like ChatGPT are available, classwork is bound to change as a result. How do we preserve academic integrity? What’s cheating, and what’s OK? Here are some ideas.

As they have grown, educators have started to see a change coming. We wonder …

  • What traditional teaching practices will need a slight adjustment? Or an overhaul?
  • How do we preserve student thinking and student skill development?
  • What should we consider “cheating”? What’s considered responsible use?
  • How do we prepare students the their future — one where AI’s a part of it?

One of the hardest parts is envisioning the future of classwork. If artificial intelligence can write essays, what place do essays play in the future of learning? How will other examples of classwork change?

There’s one reality we need to grasp: AI isn’t all good or all bad. AI tools are just that: tools. It’s all in the way we use them.