Tips for Parents

Sometimes parents, even those who use technology in their jobs, leap ahead without professional partnering.

For example, one on-line service portrays a parent, wishing he could go to a sports event rather than accompanying his child to a library to prepare a report on dinosaurs. Lo and behold, a friend demonstrates how a service can provide a 2 page encyclopedia article about dinosaurs and off they go to the sports arena, printout in hand.

Here are some resources for a better outcome.

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Cyberkids offers an opportunity for young artists and composers to display their work. The site has educational games and other resources. One would describe this publishing opportunity as "free-hand" rather than school-like.  learn more

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Especially for Parents - Department of Education

The DOEd has a multitude of resources for homework assistance and education in general in their Especially for Parents section.  learn more

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Help Parents Deal with Homework

Every night in millions of homes across the country you can imagine the scenario: the age-old story of children and their homework. In an attempt to cope, parents will use trial and error, bribery, threats, reasoning, and anything they hope will work. Here are some techniques and tips for parents to facilitate the process of…  learn more

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Kids’ Tech Contract

This agreement between my parents and me applies to the devices that I use, which include a computer, laptop, phone, tablet, gaming system, smart watch, smart speaker, television, streaming device, e-reader, and any digital device I own, use, or borrow to look up information and connect with people.  learn more

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PACER - Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights

The Center for Family Involvement at Rutgers and PACER sites address strategies for encouraging family involvement. Both are highly regarded nationally.  learn more

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Parent/Teen Homework Conflicts

Here's a vignette for parents with some ideas on how to talk to your teen about the stressful conversation of homework. YouTube has a number of videos on this subject.  learn more

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Raising Bilingual Children

This web site was created for parents seeking information related to questions about raising children in a bilingual environment. Multilingual Education is a challenging task requiring much creativity, continuity, and dedication for those parents raising children in such an environment.  learn more

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Teens on Talking With Parents

This was the introduction video for a parenting seminar on "Communicating With a Teen Who Won't Talk," held at Natomas High School in Sacramento, CA. It looks at talking with parents from the teenager's perspective and looks at how to make that communication "easier".  learn more