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Best Bootcamps for Data Science

Instead of going through a traditional university or college to receive an education in data science, a generally cheaper and quicker option is going through a boot camp. These academies provide all the courses and tools needed to succeed in any data science career, especially in terms of programming and data analysis. Bootcamps can be…  learn more

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Reflect upon your past experiences and future goals, and learn what makes you unique. Find the path that's right for you based on your strengths, interests, and personality. Explore over 1,000 careers and degrees. Learn who thrives in them and why.  learn more

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FastWeb focuses on college scholarships and college/applicant matches.  learn more

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Federal Student Aid

The Department of Education has compiled a comprehensive list of sources for Student Financial Aid. Definitely refer your juniors and seniors to this listing.  learn more

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Florida Workforce Education

Florida maintains a clearinghouse for school-to-work resources. It is a good model for other states, especially since most pertinent networks match state boundaries.  learn more

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Institute for the Study of Adult Literacy

The Institute for Adult Literacy at Penn State University offers lessons and tips for adults to acquire stronger English skills.  learn more

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Job Bank Information

This site from the U.S. Department of Labor will help you locate resources where you can search for jobs opportunities and training in your state.  learn more

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Occupational Outlook Handbook

Research any job or career. Discover the career salary and future outlook.  learn more

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Peterson's is another post-secondary educational site. The search engine makes it easier to match students with good colleges, just for them. And, visitors will find much information on all the standardized test batteries.  learn more

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Planning a Vocational or Technical Career

There are many paths towards a successful and rewarding career. Some students decide to attend college and some students pursue careers that don’t require a college degree. Instead, they opt into the military, obtain a vocational certification, or enter the workforce directly after high school. Each of these career options is equally important in our…  learn more

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The JobCorps

The Job Corps is the nation's largest and most comprehensive residential education and job training program for at-risk youth, ages 16 through 24. An excellent resource for kids who want to "get back on track" and employers who want to support them.  learn more

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What does an elementary school teacher do?

An elementary school teacher is responsible for teaching young students in the early stages of their academic journey. Typically, an elementary school teacher teaches children from kindergarten to fifth or sixth grade, depending on the school's structure. These teachers work with children who are usually between the ages of five and eleven years old, with…  learn more