Misinformation vs Disinformation

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2020 Guide To Teach Students How To Research & Avoid Fake News, Disinformation, And Misinformation

Based on my popular presentation titled "Teaching Students To Become Expert Researchers And Avoid Fake News, Disinformation, and Misinformation" this video will provide you with the resources needed to teach your students everything they need to know to become efficient and effective researchers. This video uses a fun and humorous approach to help students understand…  learn more

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Defining Mis- and Disinformation

A Toolkit for Teaching and Instilling Critical Thinking Skills. People of all ages, especially many of our students, are bombarded with mis- and disinformation, often lacking the media literacy tools to effectively discern fact from fiction. Educators spanning red and blue across the country—in Connecticut, Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and West…  learn more