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Brain and Life Magazine

The American Academy of Neurology’s patient-education magazine, available free to patients, caregivers, and all interested in neurology for everyday living.  learn more

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Brainspace magazine presents a multi-sensory journey fusing digital and print media in a dynamic and compelling way. From math and science to language and art, Brainspace speaks to an academic audience of children between the ages of 8 and 14. The publication strives to present the most inspirational stories and articles – positive role models that can inspire…  learn more

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Scholastic Administr@tor

Scholastic Administr@tor magazine contains articles about instructional technology as well as educational leadership in general.  learn more

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The Old Schoolhouse

The trade magazine for Homeschool Families The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, available both in print and digital formats, contains over 120 pages per issue of informative articles, teaching units and studies, cutting-edge interviews with key players inside the industry, product reviews, resource directories, and curriculum guidance. is the curriculum side of The Old Schoolhouse®. With over 400+ self-paced courses,…  learn more