Kids in Hospitals

When dealing with a hard situation, make sure you set aside time for yourself! Talking with a counselor or friend can help.

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Band-Aides and Blackboards

Band-Aides and Blackboards was created to sensitize people to what it's like to grow up with a medical problem. Too often, youngsters so affected must cope with stigma as well as with their medical conditions. Teasing often accompanies this stigma, and adds a layer of pain to their experience of childhood. It is maintained by…  learn more

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Comfort Quilt Story

The Comfort Quilt Story talks about how the Sunnyside School in Washington state dealt with the 9-11 tragedy by making comfort quilts (includes a how-to guide). Doing something similar can help in your own classroom after a traumatic event.  learn more

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I'm Going Into Hospital (for kids under 10)

Join Mia and her friend Hozzy Bear as they use a magic book to discover what happens when you go to hospital. Geared for younger children.  learn more

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Preparing Your Child for Surgery

While produced for Mercy Medical, this video can be used to help older children understand and feel more at ease about what will happen when they have a surgical procedure. It explains the pre-surgery process, anesthesia, the operating room, recovery and going home. A search of YouTube can provide videos to help your child or…  learn more

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Suggestions for Teachers and School Counselors

Sometimes classmates have to deal with their friends being in hospitals or worse. Suggestions for Teachers and School Counselors provides some guidelines to aid those in a school setting who want to help when a child dies.  learn more

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Talking with your child about the hospital

Preparing Your Child for Hospitalization, from Children's Hospital Boston, talks about preparing the child (and their parents!) for hospitalization or a medical procedure.  learn more