Interactive Sites for Parents and Kids

The following sites all allow for fun and games, exploring and learning without leaving your browser. All are great sites for families to explore together.

The major advantage of sites, such as these, is that families can enjoy online activities together which, as educators, we know is important for children of all ages really.

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Chateau Meddybemps

Chateau Meddybemps has collected learning activities for preschool and primary elarners in addition to guides for parents about child development. Youngsters can practice alphabet skills and print their own drawings.  learn more

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Cool Math For Kids

Cool Math For Kids has games, puzzles, and teasers for families.  learn more

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Games @ PBS Kids

PBS has a wide variety of games from simple to very challenging.  learn more

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Sesame Street

Sesame Street complements the educational television program with follow-up activities for young kids and advice on both learning and social topics for parents. The Children's Television Workshop has placed its parents' magazine online. Not only are there activities for young children but also archives and articles on perhaps as many as 100 topics for parents.…  learn more

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Spanish Games

Not all students use English as their first language. Here's a fun site from PBS for you Spanish speakers. Not all parents have English as their first language. Here's a site from PBS that kids in Spanish-speaking households can enjoy with their families.  learn more

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The Exploratorium

The Exploratorium's (San Francisco) permanent collections emphasize physics and a unique version of psychobiology. Students serve as explainers for the exhibits and visitors can observe the making of exhibits onsite. Special exhibits have offered over-the-Internet collaboration multimedia projects, such as designing a virtual city and exchange of data with NASA's airborne observatory. The Exploratorium has…  learn more

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Welcome to The Reef

Blue Coral Learning has created The Reef a library of interactive activities and resources you can access with your web browser. Check out Magellan's Voyage, take a tour of the Solar System or pose & draw dinosaurs. Interactive resources for toddlers to High School.  learn more

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Whyville, a virtual world for ages 8-15, along with Celestron, offers a SkyScout to view 6,000celestial objects, the 12 core constellations. At Whyville, sponsored by the Getty Foundation, visitors can search the world for art treasures, develop a cure for WhyPox, or rescue and retrieve aliens from earth. Take a look!  learn more

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Wonderville Science Alberta Foundation

Wonderville, developed by the Science Alberta Foundation, projects its own cast of cartoon characters to help with home-grown science activities. Use the "Free Access" link to access resources; the site does require you to register.  learn more