Backyard Adventures

School is out and the kids are bored. Here are some “assignments” to keep them busy and have fun.


As an educator, you might want to assign a couple of these projects (the less messy ones) as extra credit. Or pass these resources on to the parents.

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10 Best Backyard Science Experiments

Transform your backyard into your very own science lab and have a blast with these awesome summer science experiments. Everything from bubbles to "float or sink" to a nature color hunt. You can ask your child or students what they think will happen, and then discuss their observations and results afterwards.  learn more

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13 Backyard Science Experiments to Do Outside

Here are thirteen science experiments that can be done outside. Experiments include Mentos geysers, the lever machine, what happens when you start pushing pencils through a water-filled bag, make your own sundial, and aluminum foil boats.  learn more

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50 Summer Science Ideas

Another site with ideas for student science experiments, like a parachute for an egg, a solar oven, making clean water, rose petal perfume, build a den, and measure a tree.  learn more

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8 Backyard Science Experiments for Kids

Here's eight more fun, messy science experiments for the back yard or playground. Experiments include squirt gun volcanoes, crystal geodes, the exploding sandwich bag (baking soda and vinegar), making bouncy balls and a lemon battery.  learn more

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82 Summer Activities for Families

While originally developed for kids with special needs, this resource has a wide rage of great ideas to entertain your kids. Some activities will even help your kids stay safe.  learn more

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Summer Science Projects

This site has projects for older students, with ideas like building an earth wormery, growing crystals, a model roller coaster, pizza box solar oven, a water purifier and easy solar prints.  learn more