YouCubed Data Science

Our main goal is to inspire, educate and empower teachers of mathematics, transforming the latest research on maths learning into accessible and practical forms. Mathematics is often the reason that students leave STEM, particularly girls and some students of color. We aim to change this by communicating the sources of maths inequality in the US and by teaching the classroom methods that are needed for 21st century learning. By providing research-based teaching methods, mathematics tasks, videos, and ideas we intend to significantly reduce maths failure and inequality in the United States and beyond, inspiring teachers and empowering all students to success.

This page shares five units of youcubed lessons that introduce students (and teachers) to data science. The units start with an introduction to the concept of data and move to lessons that invite students to explore their own data sets.  These lessons teach important content through a pattern-seeking, exploratory approach, and are designed to engage students actively. The culminating unit is a citizen science project that gives students an opportunity to conduct a data inquiry. The lessons accompany a new online course for teachers, where some of the lessons are featured, along with other lesson ideas. These lessons are offered with ideas for in-person or online teaching, and can be taught at any time of year.


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