Teach Engineering

The TeachEngineering digital library, funded by the National Science Foundation, is a collaborative project with over 55 contributing organizations and a cadre of volunteer teachers and engineers funding. It provides educators in grades K-12 with free access to a growing set of activities, lessons, units, and living labs.

One of their focus is Maker Challenges – teacher-prompted, open-ended project ideas, and problems for students to solve in a self-directed, thinking-with-their-hands way. Challenges include Creative Crash Test Cars, Crutches Book Carrier, T-Shirt Launcher, and Snazzy Sneakers.

TeachEngineering provides educators free access to an ever-growing collection of activities, lessons, units, maker challenges, “sprinkles”, and living labs. Resources are broken out by grade level, subject area, and standard covering K thru 12th grade.

Some example resources include…

  • Be “Cool” with Popsicle Engineering
  • Make a Backscratcher from Everyday Materials
  • Engineering a Mountain Rescue Litter
  • Biodomes Engineering Design Project
  • Water Bottle Rockets
  • Clay Boats
  • The Benefits of Inclined Planes: Heave Ho!
  • Convertible Shoes: Function, Fashion and Design
  • Solar Water: Heat it Up!
  • Solving Everyday Problems Using the Engineering Design Cycle

TeachEngineering is a collaboration of university engineering faculty, graduate students and K-12 teachers across the nation, coordinated by the University of Colorado Boulder and Oregon State University engineering departments.

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