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Reddit is, among other things, a discussion website. The r/Teachers “sub-Reddit” is a section dedicated to the practice of teaching and receiving support from fellow teachers.

Scrolling down the list of current topics can give you an idea of what your fellow teachers are going thru. Topic titles on July 16th, 2020 included:

  • Today, I’m editing my will to make sure all my affairs are in order should something happen to me upon my return to school.
  • The “Do it for the kids!” mentality needs to stop!
  • I’m not scared of dying from covid. But I am terrified of spreading it.
  • My school had graduation today and plenty of students were not wearing masks despite it being mandatory.
  • Earn my paycheck or protect my family; an impossible choice teachers are facing right now.
  • I don’t mind going back if I believed parents wouldn’t send their child to school sick!
  • Am I overreacting?
  • How can I go about asking for donations for the classroom, masks, sanitizers, disinfectant spray, etc.? Or monetary donations so I can get these supplies?
  • My school just announced they will not be announcing if a student in my classroom tests positive for covid.

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