NSTA Awards and Competitions

NSTA hosts a number of Awards and Competitions.

For many years, NSTA has awarded grants for community-based science projects, particularly in environmental studies and physical studies. Absorbing the flavor of these very interesting projects can occur by exploring this site.

All of the projects are discrete and local in detail, though some are supplemented by interdisciplinary studies. For instance, one submission, entitled “Let’s Get Small” involved equipment such as microscopes and digital cameras as well as a simulation of scale in and performance of Alice in Wonderland.

Here is just a brief sampling of award-winning projects:

  • The Natural and Human History of the West River: What will be its future?
  • Class Learning and Management Strategies
  • Selkird Regional Wastewater Lab
  • Advanced Forest Management
  • Digital Images in Biology
  • Using a Music Recording Studio as a Science Laboratory
  • Slam Dunk Science: A High School Sports Lab
  • Portable Science Labs To Take Home
  • Pseudoscience Film Festival
  • Computer-Controlled Hydroponics Lab
  • Integrating Cherokee Culture and Physical Science.


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