From Hotspots to School Bus Wi-Fi, Districts Seek Out Solutions to ‘Homework Gap’

While most schools in the U.S. boast broadband access these days, and plenty of assignments require the internet, when students head home, many can’t get online to finish up their schoolwork. Many schools are left with two options: keep moving forward with digital learning—and risk leaving some students behind—or keep homework assignments offline, holding back the students who might otherwise benefit from software and tools available on the internet.

This article explores ideas like providing maps showing where Wi-Fi is available for free, loaning Wi-Fi hotspot devices to students, asking businesses to share their Wi-Fi connections with students, and equipping school buses with Wi-Fi. There isn’t going to be a silver bullet on this issue, but a holistic approach to the problem could significantly reduce the number of students living without broadband access at home.

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