Filament Issues

Never underestimate the difference your filament can make. We’ve use both CCTREE and AMZ3D PLA filament with our Ender 3 printer. Both cost about $20 for a 1 kg spool. But they are very different when printing.

With the CCTREE PLA filament, we leave the print bed heat off as the filament sticks nicely to the textured build surface as-is. Turn on the print bed heater and the PLA sticks too well – it’s almost impossible to pry off.

The AMZ3D filament is not as “sticky” and requires the bed to be heated to around 40 C to get it to stick correctly.

Test every spool of filament to see what temperatures work best for the print nozzle and heated bed. You’ll find your settings will vary between manufacturers, filament colors, and even between individual spools.

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