Drawing in class!?! – TEDx

Rachel S. Smith used to get in trouble in school for Sketchnoting. Now she does it for a living, Sketchnoting during group meetings. It helps the group see what their work in a way that’s not normally possible in a meeting, it lets them see the big picture together and make connections between pieces of information that come up at different times in a meeting.

Rachel makes the case that “when you use visual note-taking, you have to listen to what’s being said, you have to really hear it, and you have to understand it. Because that’s the only way you’re going to come up with an image to connect what you’re hearing with what you already know”. Using Sketchnoting “creates a personal visual memory aid that they can study from later”.

Starting at 6:35, Rachel tells the story of how visual note-taking worked for her niece and how it got her out of a detention.


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