Comics – Speak Up! The Power of One’s Voice Can Save Lives

As the Co-CEO of Archie Comics who comes from a teaching background and the founder of the Rise Above Social Issues foundation, Nancy Silberkleit was taken by graphic literacy’s ability to address sensitive issues in a way that connects directly with students.

See Something, Say Something is an eight-page comic book that tells an all too familiar story of a kid who is just a tad different – in this case he is new at school, bullied and who would like to seek revenge via violence. The underlying message is that we can no longer be bystanders. If we see something we must say something otherwise who knows where the chain reaction of bullying is going to end up?

Nikolas Cruz, the shooter at Douglas High School said “how tired he was of everyone picking on him and the staff doing nothing about it.” His online profiles were filled with messages about shooting people and killing them. How could it be that classmates predicted and joked about Nikolas Cruz shooting kids at the school and no-one did anything about it?

Nancy feels that we need to have a conversation with students that provides them with an increased awareness of these issues, more understanding about what fuels them and most importantly some answers on the urgency towards empathy for humanity.

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